Alex Andersen Ølund A/S

One-stop logistics - complete solutions

We are known for our well-oiled logistics machine and expertise when it comes to handling flowers, but we handle larger items with the same efficiency as e.g. furniture or temperature-sensitive foods.

Our system provides full transparency: all shipments can be tracked digitally in our intelligent and automatic booking and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) platforms. We are constantly developing new products and IT systems to meet our customers' current and future needs.

Our many years in the industry, expertise and focus on punctuality, means that we can challenge our customers' business processes and optimize the processes.

By letting us handle everything between purchasing and sales or between production and end customer, our customers can focus on their core business while we do what we do best.

Among other things, we can assist in:

  • Added value and refinement
  • Packaging management
  • Color order, sorting and mixing
  • Labeling and displays
  • Emptying and repacking of containers
  • Increased capacity during seasonal fluctuations

Expertise and know-how are essential

At Alex Andersen, we are moving around 3 million flower containers a year. Our special trailers are fine-tuned for transporting flowers to European markets and we are not afraid to call ourselves specialists in temperature-sensitive goods.
"We almost dare to promise that you can wake up any of our drivers in the middle of the night and get a qualified answer on how to handle an orchid or poinsettia."

Knowledge and care are paramount in flower transport, and that is the secret behind our leading position in the market. The humidity, temperature and zone control as well as the material must be 100% in order for flowers to be delivered in the best possible condition and without waste after a long trip on the roads.

Development of own refrigerated trailers

Alex Andersen started in 1964 transporting flowers for the local nurseries in Stige near Odense. Since then, we have built up a unique knowledge in the field of gentle and efficient flower transport across national borders.

We have developed our own advanced refrigerated trailers that live up to our own and our customers' strict requirements. Here we can control the distribution of the air so that no goods get frost or heat damage among other things.

In fact, our trailers can both freeze and cool or heat on a cold winter day (-25°C to +15°C), which provides many benefits when transporting e.g. fruit and vegetables.

In addition, we have our own warehouses in Odense, Aarhus and Greve.

We have a capacity that matches the major seasonal fluctuations in the flower industry, and are equipped for even the biggest peak loads.