Alex Andersen Ølund A/S

About us

Since its modest start in 1964, Alex Andersen Ølund A/S has developed into one of Denmark's leading logistics companies specializing in the transport of flowers, fruit and vegetables and other temperature-sensitive goods as well as general cargo of all kinds.

As a modern and responsible logistics company, we undertake a wide range of tasks - from packaging management to logistics solutions - for customers from many different industries.

No matter the type of task, we always focus on customer needs, innovation and the environment.

We are constantly evolving, to continue to be among the industry leaders, as well as to ensure high quality and timely delivery.

Over the years, not only have our experience and know-how grown, but also our physical presence, which today means that we:

  • has a new and modern fleet of vehicles, equipped with fleet management systems and a 47,000 m2 terminal.
  • has seven strategically located departments in Denmark and Northern Europe.
  • covers deliveries to: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.
  • employs around 600 employees, of which approximately 430 are drivers who are constantly on the move.
  • has its own fleet of approximately 300 lorries.
  • has around 80 fixed haulier cars.

Due to our years of experience and expertise, we are proud to call ourselves the largest flower transporter in the Nordic region, and among the leaders in Europe.

Idea philosophy and total solutions

At Alex Andersen Ølund A/S, we have always had a clear attitude towards quality, service and timely delivery - which is the philosophy on which the company is built.

These three values ​​shine through in everything we do - both strategically and in our daily work.

Our expert knowledge in flower transport and other temperature-sensitive goods, enables us to provide quality transports to customers who want deliveries and pick-ups within our domain.

To ensure the high quality, we work continuously to further develop the cars' construction and equipment, so that the temperature-sensitive goods are treated correctly.

With us, quality also covers the ability to meet customer's deadlines, so we always ensure a high degree of delivery security and flexibility.

We handle all capacity needs, regardless of quantity, because part of our services also includes container freight.

We plan the transport for the customers and we offer to pack their goods as well as to manage their packaging accounts.

This type of total solution means that we take care of the entire logistics - from sender to recipient.

Mission and certifications

Our most important task and mission will always be to:

Deliver the goods in the best possible condition - exactly as agreed and in accordance with all laws and regulations.

Therefore, we naturally have all current certifications within transport and storage of food, and are regularly checked by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

The inspection reports are shown below: