Alex Andersen Ølund A/S


Our department in Odense in short:

From Odense, all exports from and imports to Western Europe, the Nordic countries and Denmark are covered.

We offer virtually all logistics services from Odense:

  • Container administration
  • Rough sorting
  • Inventory management
  • Packing (in / out)
  • Goods receipt

Since 2019, the new domicile has been located on Logistikvej in Odense S - close to the motorway, where we have approx. 195,000 m² of land distributed on:

  • 30,000 m² terminal
  • 4800 m² offices
  • 3000 m² workshop and car wash
  • 800 m² driver hotel

In Odense, we have a varying number of trucks, as we move them between our 7 departments in Denmark for reasons of task types, volume and service on cars.

Our main domicile employs a fluctuating number of employees, as during busy periods we e.g. has employed many temps.

Some of our employees work in our refrigeration department, Alex Andersen Cool Logistics A/S, which is also located in Odense. From here we handle refrigerated goods, such as. fruit and vegetables.