Alex Andersen Ølund A/S

Warehouse solutions for your needs

Efficient and independent storage hotel

Sometimes it's just smartest that the warehouse "lies on the road" and does not take up physical space with oneself. Seasonal and market fluctuations can make it profitable to rent variable storage space, inventory management and inventory staff. At Alex Andersen, you get a safe and efficient storage of your goods, completely independent of the rest of the transport solution.

Tailor-made warehousing solutions and one-stop logistics

In our domicile, which is located right by the Funen motorway, we offer tailor-made modern warehousing solutions, ranging from 24-hour rental to long-term storage of pallet space to complete warehousing solutions and goods handling.

Our 30,000 m2 storage facilities are food approved with temperature-regulated storage from 3 to 17 °C. Our terminals are fully monitored, fenced and with access control, so that security is always high.

In addition to our Danish terminal, we also have terminals in Moss, Norway - Helsingborg and Eskilstuna, Sweden and in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands.

Our tailor-made warehousing solutions can e.g. include:

Inbound and outbound logistics
Container emptying
Inventory management
Picking solutions in all categories

We can also take care of logistics, forwarding, added value, mix and labeling, so that our customers can concentrate on their core tasks, e.g. to produce and sell goods.

Our focus is always on quality, care and safety - no matter the volume.

Contact Michael on tel. +45 63 16 05 07 to hear more about our warehousing solutions