Alex Andersen Ølund A/S

Secure handling of your international transports

At Alex Andersen, we take responsibility for the commercial distribution of your international transports, and ensure that all documents are in order and the rules are complied with. We are responsible for customs clearance and all necessary documents for both import and export transports.

Permanent contact person every time

It may sound obvious, but our experience tells us that a permanent contact is not guaranteed everywhere. At Alex Andersen, we know how important it is that you can always reach us if it burns - that is why we have permanent contact persons for each individual task.
Our most important mission is to give every task a safe treatment every single time.

We help with:

Booking of freight
Collection, transport and delivery of goods
Customs clearance
Transhipment and forwarding

Contact Ib on tel. +45 63 18 81 28 to hear more about our forwarding tasks